Friday, November 14, 2014

Coming together and falling apart...only to come back together again

Hey y'all...I know, I know...this was to be a blog chocked full of my adventures and such...but while living life I have not found time to post about it. is hard and more often than not it sucks to be in a foreign land without a job, a handful of friends and more often people telling me no than I ever heard in NYC. Main reason...I don't have a work visa. The alternatives...
1. Go back to the states. (the one that makes the most sense and at least I can work)
2. Get married. (that is another story in itself)
3. Find a job that will sponsor me. (That one is my favorite. Because all my friends/family in the states say it like it's nothing)
4. Come up with a spare $250,000.00 and have myself declared a business...sad to say I'm about $235,000.00 short...maybe it's time to start a kick starter.

When you are an actor people either get your struggle or they don't ...there isn't an in between. And mostly there is just a lot of "why don't you just get a real job". Over the last 3 years alone I've invested over $20,000.00 in this profession in acting classes, putting up my own show ect. If I was to think how much money over the last 10...well I'd have a heart attack then kick myself for not going to med school as I could be a heart doctor by now and could repair myself.

As of now I want to stay AT LEAST until my student visa expires in Feb, and if all possible I'd love to work 20 hours per week...but at this rate I'd settle for 10 hours.
Nonetheless, this has been great for travel and getting my life together. I have my One woman show reel thanks to Ross Resnick, my comedy hosting reel that I did myself and this week I plan on working on a dramatic reel...this way I at least I have something to show the agents, bookers etc both here and NYC. It's a damn shame it has taken me so long to get something as simple as this together...but better late than never. Take a look:

The Comedy/Hosting Reel


My One woman show reel...This Kitty Has Claws


While typing this blog entry I had a that could lead to me being able to work here, without breaking the law. Ill be damned. So I called the American Embassy who have sent me to the Brits. You see I'm here on a student visa BUT not a full time student, yet there are rules in place that as a student I should be allowed to work up to 10 hours per week. Now that may not sound like much but it IS rent. I can't believe how I missed this loophole. Oh yeah...prob because I didn't update my blog or drink wine. A perfect combo if you ask me.
Wish me luck and cross your fingers because this Kitty needs a job!!!
Meow for now,
YEA!!!! I might can stay a few more months!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oh My Gooodness..RADA and London

My goodness y'all I don't even know where to start..except with God is good and I a blessed. I moved to London on Sunday to begin a short term acting program at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) far all I can say is AMAZING everything and everyone is wonderful. I never thought my life could be so wonderful...from meeting an amazing and nice guy and now RADA. Not sure how long I will be here but enjoying every minute. However I do miss NYC. Well in particular I miss a certain someone, but he is even more amazing as he doesn't pressure me and he also understands me and my career. AND he is NOT an actor..go figure. Now if I could only figure out a way where we could make a decent amont of money and live in the same country at the same time.
London is beyond anything I could have imagined. I even took pics my first day of school.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Well Hell...things are a changing....and MAMA IS BACK...kinda

Hold on to your hats as things are changing in an instant...but This Kitty Has Claws will be back in NYC and better than ever. However there will be some changes....first I will be doing some traveling and you KNOW that I will be sharing it all with you.
Here's all the social media ways to follow:
twitter account: @TKHClaws  
Instagram:TKHClaws .
Facebook: KittyHasClaws
Tons of pics, videos and I just wanted to give you a heads up that a change is coming..August/September 2014...Kitty is Coming.....
Are you ready? Well GET READY!!!!
Meow for now

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Goodbye for Now

I need a break. I'm packing this site up, as well as my NYC apartment and moving on.
Thanks for the support.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Kitty is Back..Black and Bitchier than Ever

Hello all my kats and kittens. I'm back, black and bitchier than ever. Alot has happened over the past year:
death of my father, trip of a lifetime, heart scare and more. So much that I am brushing off the old show, making some changes and bringing it back. Finally started updating the YouTube channel and will be adding more clips from the show. Looks like Spring/Summer 2014. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...looking ahead for 2014

Meow folks-
2013 was an eventful year and the show took a much needed hiatus as I had to concentrate on more personal and pressing health and home issues. However the kitty is coming back in 2014.
Finally have assembled the cast, as well as new director. We are taking a break to spend the holidays with our families but watch out because April 2014 we are coming and coming hard.
More deets soon...happy holidays until next year, Meow for now-

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seasons of Change

Well, well, has been many months and I'm sure you have been wondering WTH?  I have tried to keep all personal stuff off the blog and focus on the show, however for you to understand the show I have to get a little personal. It is now about a month since my dad died. He had cancer and put up a good fight but in the end it was just too much. After he died in April, a part of me died as well.
It was a lot.
My father was a complicated man. And most of the time when it came to me, very distant and mean but over the last year he was at least pleasant. And I had a choice I could either remain "pissed and blame him" or I could just let it go. THAT is what I choose to do. I don't have children and at tis time in my life I'm not sure if I ever will BUT if I did I would never want to leave this earth with my child hating me, and that is why I let my anger with my father go. He had his own major walk to take and I wanted to make it easier for him. Luckily for me I was able to be at home with him the last few days before he died. THAT was amazing. By the time I saw him, he really couldn't speak so we did non verbal communication. Ironically, I don't think we were ever as close as the days before he died. I remember at one point him asking me to "hold him" as he was transitioning. My heart still breaks at the thought.
I knew after he died I have to include him in my show, but I'm just not sure yet. As I said ALOT of stuff went down and I am still trying to process it all.
Also, I moved in with the one I chose to accept as "the one". I say "choose" because I always knew it would never work. I'm still hung up on someone else. I never thought I would care for someone like that...maybe it is because the one I'm hung up on never wanted to be with me. Sure we dated off and on, but seriously both times we broke up, he left me, and once it wasn't even in person but via email, which shows me that I was way too invested. Needless to say the 'replacement' didn't work out. I moved in, and soon moved out thinking "what the fuck is my issue. No man is worth this much drama"
So now I have all of this that somehow needs to make it into my show or at least a screen play.
Currently taking it one day at a time. I had hoped to bring the show back for a Spring run but now it looks like September again, but I do want to do something so I can put it in a few festivals. The show stands alone very well as far as a musical/comedy but I am thinking a straight play is in the works.
Who knows. There is tons going on.
Please check back in the coming weeks as I talk to my producer and get the next leg up and running. Details to come. Meow for now.